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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 14, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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everything. lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everyone. i am ashley webster in for lou dobbs. president obama today speaking out about the riots. calling for calm as each night has seen an escalation of violence between police officers and protesters in missouri. molotov cocktail situations and police squaring off in the street with writers. please concealing the idea of the shooter
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and also al jazeera reporters say that please fired tear gas directly at them for doing nothing other than trying to report on the situation. while trying to charge their equipment to the local mcdonald's restaurant, attorney general eric holder took police and protesters to task today saying the violence by members of the public cannot be condoned by the same token and the law enforcement response to these demonstrations must seek to reduce tensions and not heighten him. >> there is never an excuse for violence against police
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including vandalism or looting, there is no excuse for police to use force against peaceful protest or two per protesters in jail for exercising their first amendment rights area. ashley: jay nixon did announce today that he was pulling the st. louis county police back in the area in an effort to calm the rising tensions. correspondent mike towbin on the ground and ferguson with our reports. >> protesting the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown, the unarmed teenager was shot and killed by a ferguson police officer on saturday in the department has not released the officer's name. s.w.a.t. teams launched tear gas and smoke bombs and what many protesters claimed was a peaceful gathering around 9:00 o'clock at night. >> this is no longer a peaceful protest when he tried to injure people. you must disperse now.
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>> he was arrested and thrown in jail where he spent the night. >> we have a right to protest peacefully 24 hours a day. [cheers] [applause] tour the racial tension is attracting support from civil rights groups including the new black panthers. president obama called for calm. >> there is never an excuse for violence against police or for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting. there is also no excuse for police use excessive force against peaceful protest. or to throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising their first amendment rights.
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>> we are doing this in blue. >> control is going away from local police. governor jay nixon said that the highway patrol will now command the crowd control. he's black, he's from here, if you can put a new light on things. ashley: thank you very much. much more on the situation with our leading attorney in the broadcast. iraqi prime minister has finally agreed to relinquish power. even after the new iraqi president earlier in the week.
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u.s. airstrikes have broken the siege in iraq, another round of airstrikes and clarifying that the u.s. mission in the region is not done. we have more in the report. >> president obama might be saying that the refugee siege is overcome but even he admits that the job is not done. officials here say that they need help in getting down and tens of thousands are swamping refugee camps and obama admitted
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that isis remains a threat to the country and we confirm that today in a town not far from here. >> this is a couple of days ago that it was run by isis no tents. but they fought them back. but the residents have a comeback and that is because we have been told that the militants are just a couple of miles outside the city limits all around, signs are the battle. >> they remain a threat in the area and when we were there the convoy was hit by a isis ied and four soldiers were injured. we talked to the commander and he wants the u.s. to continue airstrikes and defend heavy weapons and as for more u.s. boots on the ground, he says that he doesn't need it as long as he did the firepower.
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president obama said today that more weapons would be going to the individuals, but small comfort for those who have their hands full. ashley: vladimir putin today adopting a somewhat softer tone during a visit to the crimean peninsula. saying that moscow will do everything in its power to stop the conflict in eastern ukraine. those remarks ringing hollow over an aid convoy but stop short of the ukrainian border and the government leaving that it could be a cover for a military incursion, threatening to use all means available to block this unless the red cross is allowed to inspect the cargo in the israel and hamas conflict has persuaded benjamin netanyahu and his national security team are reckless and untrustworthy.
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this according to wall street journal saying that they were blindsided on transfers from the pentagon to the israelis last month and for more on the israeli hamas conflict, rock and the ukraine point in between and i'm joined by the army colonel and military analyst colonel david hunt. thank your for joining us. a lot to talk about and let's go back to iraq. we just had a report and it feels like we are starting to at least make some progress against them. would you agree? >> a couple of things to consider the amount of refugees and we have had over 700 operations soldiers on the ground in iraq.
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and they is all the way into syria. what we have done is slow them down and go after them. but that is a. there are a lot of airstrikes we have been doing that have been very specific and nouri al-maliki leaving is just one step in rebuilding the military and it's not biting. so it's just one step that won't solve the issues that are going on inside iraq. ashley: how does this play out? we pin our hopes on a new government under a new prime minister and president can actually get it back together and put together, you know, a
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worthy resistance to this islamic group? or is it inevitable that we will get dragged into another conflict? >> i keep coming back to. we are in the middle of the conflict. and how many american people have been wounded there. and i think that this is going to stay that way. >> what about giving them an effort to put up resistance to isis. is that a bad move? >> absolutely, 100%.
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weapons inside lebanon are going directly to hezbollah. ashley: essentially the white house stopped arming this in israel, the suggestion that they went behind the white house directly to the pentagon. how much you put in store this because it's pretty interesting? >> if that is true, their job is to coordinate the activities. if they are going right to the
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pentagon, we have far bigger problems than i have ever heard of. and we would do anything. ashley: also this latest conflict between hamas and israel has persuaded the administration that regimen netanyahu and his national security team are reckless and untrustworthy. >> netanyahu is defending his country. but the united states of
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america, we continue to try to help and we always would and should. and not giving back. stephen think is a much more your help. saying a final farewell to harold greene. he was killed in combat, shot to death last week as he visited an afghan military academy and he was buried today at arlington national cemetery. we will be right back. >> president obama and hillary
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stay on a new report that house democrats are growing increasingly frustrated the president obama just to talk to them. lawmakers are not afraid of making their dissatisfaction with the president known. among them from the white house, congressman individuals are saying that it is important. is it a disdain for the legislative branch? he is getting a little frustrated. joining me now is the "a-team."
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pulitzer prize winner judith miller and former member of george w. bush's staff, brad blakeman. thank you for joining us. it seemed like you have a statement about this. it's very difficult if you are a lowly representative. >> it is a relationship that is not that dissimilar. he's want to do the opposite. he's going to keep them at a distance. and i think that the president is partly to blame. ashley: that is true. that really has kind of defined his presidency.
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>> he is campaigning on the theory that we are irrelevant. and i think that they are going to run away with this guy. we will start to see it more and more as we reached labor day. ashley: we see guys with guns on
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top of huge trucks and this is kind of the video that we have been seeing from overseas and clearly a small police department who is out of their depth. and there is a vast difference in here is a guy who is in command and control and he's treating people with the decency and respect that they deserve. ashley: sometimes they tend to get the sense that it's against the enemy. and we do have someone different
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and charge and how to get to this point. >> i got to this point because of the situation that is developing. and secondly this equipment, this is the kind of equipment that is what they had and all of a sudden they turn on the american people and it's really terrifying. and it's a very difficult situation but it raises questions. ashley: the protest tonight,
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let's hope it stays that way. the pentagon says it is available and what they do, what do you think about it? >> they save you don't have it, why use it and that is not sincerely the way americans should be running their local police departments this is not what we should be seeing in the streets of america. there's a time and place to be used and it's not when one are talking about small towns and cities in america and that's not where it should be. >> the critical thing is to get this again and all of them different and obviously that we are hopeful to get to the bottom of this. >> it's not easy and i'm trying
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to defend him and so i hope things will calm down and the president's remarks and the governor's actions will contribute to that. ashley: thank you as always for joining us because we appreciate it. comingat. ashley: thank you as always for joining us because we appreciate it. coming up next, taking a look at an overlooked side of immigration. political correspondent karl cameron is
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♪ ashley: coming up here in moments, the violence still escalating in misery, although quiet tonight. that police and now accused of harassing the media. leading psychiatrist will be joining us for a look at why some of america's funniest comedians have had one dangerous thing in common, severe depression. stay with us with those stories. new allegations tonight at the obama administration is facilitating the illegal
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immigrant crisis on our southern border. former cbs news correspondent this morning. >> i have been told the same thing by border patrol agents to say whether spoken or unspoken, there is policy coming from the top that there basically to be lenient and try to let as many people go as possible. that is the message they think they're receiving. many of them are frustrated because their task is an entirely opposite job to protect our borders and apprehend those here illegally and are being told not to do their job. ashley: meanwhile new polls suggesting americans are unhappy without both congress and the obama administration have handled this crisis. according to a fox news survey 31 percent of voters approve of how obama is dealing with the crisis compared to 57% to disapprove. when asked what they prefer happen 65 percent said they wanted a law that creates a pathway for citizenship. that is more than three times
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the 20% you would prefer congress to do nothing and all. as for what the president is doing on the crisis, he is expected to issue another executive action and immigration sometime before the end of the summer. as fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron reports, it could have a major impact in this year's net terms. >> as president obama prepares an executive order to deal with the crisis of unaccompanied immigrant miners at the border that may also grant legal status to many already here will allow legal immigrants who have been waiting for green cards for years see a living in justice. >> it could be looked upon as unfair. >> originally from india immigration lawyers, a nonprofit dedicated to reforming illegal immigration system which was so backlogged can take more than a decade. >> the situation, there are provisions for the undocumented. somehow illegal immigrants are left out. >> an estimated the 11 million.
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they're suing the president for exceeding his authority. with lawmakers on ever the past major immigration reform the president is planning unilateral action to grant the undocumented legal status. critics call it amnesty. >> there's some things we can do. i promise you, the american people don't want me standing around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for congress to get something done. >> the u.s. granted citizenship to over six and half million legal immigrants. last year and a 990,000 got green cards. customs and border patrol apprehended more than 2 million. officials say the of the 11 here illegally now, more than half live in five states, california, texas, florida, new york, and illinois. >> we need to have a wide -- are high wall with a wide kate. >> a u.s. citizen who came from russia by way of canada and
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works at the cato institute in washington. many jews illegal immigration because the legal system is confusing, lengthy, and broken. >> you have people coming in from the professionals, manual laborers, everything in between. there are stuck in this system when there is no way to get in . >> the president plans to act before the end of the summer. that will virtually guarantee that what critics call amnesty for illegals will be a major issue in the final weeks of this a question -- election-year. ashley: thank you. a first of a kind trial is underway in new york the could have major implications for the international banking community and the fight against terror. nearly 300 americans are suing a bank lending it helps finance 24 terrorist attacks between 2001 and 2004 in which americans are killed and injured.
10:31 pm
the lawyer for the victim's family says this is not about money but a search for justice. >> it's about doing something proactive how to charge to get other financial institutions who currently do business with the terrace and the medalists to be deterred and to stop doing that. ashley: merabank serves a number of the people with whom it was doing business was not at the time on any tour watch list. telling fox news, our bank provided routine banking services in compliance with applicable counter-terrorism laws and regulations and has no intention of providing support to any known terrorist organization. expected to take two or three weeks, and you can bet the banking community will be eagerly awaiting the of come. we're coming right back. ♪ ferguson on fire. another night of violence after
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♪ ashley: an update on the global fight against the world's worst ebola outbreak. the west african country of liberia now has the last known to this is of an experimental drug. authorities are now deciding which patients will actually the drug, although the government says medical staff will be given priority. the california company that develops the drug says it will take them months to build up a modest supply. so far only two americans and one spaniard have taken the drug. the americans are improving, but the spin indicted earlier this week. the missouri state highway patrol taking the lead. the city still reeling from the police shooting of an unarmed black man in the violent
10:36 pm
protests that followed. here to assess how the criminal justice system is handling this case, criminal defense attorney. think you for joining. it appears from the pictures we have seen tonight, things are little. we have the highway patrol coming and. his second wait too long to get to this stage. in your mind with a classic mistakes. >> basically, the police department that of a dozen spectacular job under normal circumstances and the this is by far way different. this is los angeles run the king they york city crazier rioting once a just not equipped to deal with it and not insulting than. it's not what they're supposed to do. what they did this with up to the next level. the state authorities, a big state with the big cities.
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i've learned of the federal government has offered help. ashley: the fbi, the department of justice. >> there will get involved with those resources. of these police officers, then clearly making mistakes. they're not supposed to be walking a journalist. i question their training. i would love to see how much training the police to prevent has with handling and national right. ashley: probably none. >> problem and not to permit it, alive with vandalism and domestic violence. ashley: small-town stuff. >> the fact that -- ashley: should their release the name of the police officer involved in the shooting? is a question i have heard. >> again, i am a new york city based attorney. there was a homicide with the police officer and falling demand resisting arrest, an alleged chuckled.
10:38 pm
my understanding is they have not released the name of that officer because they have not determined when the chargers will go forward. they are saying they're afraid for his life. if a researcher who come back to our argument, if they're not in a position to protect him and his family, let's face it. ashley: that's true. >> burned down his house. ashley: protesters say we want clarity. you need to be up front. this is of a public servant. and understand the safety issue. >> to a degree it does. what you really have to not do here is rushed to judgment. obviously there needs to be a thorough investigation. it does highlight the fbi coming in. would you take it out of the small-town, hopefully less politics involved and it's based on the facts. as place it on what really
10:39 pm
happened. if the police killed someone they should not have then just as these to be carried out. ashley: face a homicide charge. >> absolutely. has happened many times. ashley: and of course we have heard some very -- i can't put faith in any of it, but we hear accounts of what happens. it's amazing how everyone saw something different. >> correct. people keep talking. so forget, very shortly thereafter he came out with a very detailed statement as to what took place. unless we have some idea. his is one eye witness. i don't think he's : given any details statements, the type which would lead to a conclusion. ashley: have not seen in the video either. >> obviously this thing to it is rather quickly. here's what i'm doing. and, the vesicular are going to
10:40 pm
impanel a grand jury, citizens. let them decide what took place. of gotten the call in as many witnesses as i can. the defendant and the victim of a lot of it all in front of 23 random people here just it picked for jury duty. lawyers, nurses, and let them decide whether there should be criminal charges pursued her not to. ashley: it will be interesting. we will follow with. the thank you so much for joining as. we will be right back. the worst drought on record creating havoc on california's agriculture industries. the president of the california farm bureau federation and how low water shortage could cost everyone ne
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♪ ashley: on wall street stocks moving higher. the dow gaining 62, s&p eight, nasdaq 19. volume pretty light. coming in at just over two and a half billion. health care the best, and into the worst. crude oil down settling below 96 a barrel. gold up to close near 1316 announce. the yield falling. charles's clients also unexpectedly rising. 311,000. household that dropping in the second quarter driven by a decrease in the mortgage loans. berkshire hathaway shares topping $200,000 with the first time ever. of course, be sure to listen to these financial reports. this is a pretty staggering stop
10:45 pm
more than 80 percent of california is an extreme drought nearly 60 percent suffering from an exceptional drought. the harshest conditions measured for more on how this historic drought is affecting california and its farmers i am joined by president of the california farm bureau federation. the numbers are staggering. i mean, the a / the serious situation. i know that we have this water plan that now will go before the voters in november. how critical is that, and what does it do? >> it is important because it creates a mindset and the legislature. it virtually passed unanimously. as you know, politics in california, to get that many bipartisan votes on a bill is a clear message that our elected leaders and the governor knows we need to do something
10:46 pm
different, planned for the future. and we have not done planning in the last 34 years. we're suffering the consequences ashley: what about desalination. none of this comes up all the time. should more money be spent on that technology? >> absolutely. the california technology, have been in meetings where french concerns sat there and reuse it technology all over the world for desalination. we have a thing called the coastal commission which stood in the way. they say it is unsightly and if you build a plant it would be for replacement water only. i think that's expecting too much. if your other infrastructure fails you can crank it up. this is ridiculous. the sierra nevada is on our east with the pacific ocean on our west and/or in want of water. ashley: what impact is this having on the economy?
10:47 pm
>> a huge impact on farmers. i keep getting asked if we will see the impact in the grocery store. we will over time. a lot of the products will head the market over the next six months to a year. a lot of the process things are going into cans, going down to store shelves. the things on the shelves today were produced last year. i think this impact is going to be with us for quite a while. ashley: is it forcing farmers to change what they grow, going in different directions? >> absolutely. a lot of folks going to short season crops. of the university of california can now with the study. over $2 billion on farm revenue which translates to a much greater off farm revenue. i think the time we get to the end of the harvest season we will see that there is much more impact than 400,000 acres, 2 billion on from -- on farm
10:48 pm
dollars. it will have a bigger impact than we thought. ashley: what else can you do? you can't do any rain dances. he mentioned you got the sierra nevada which is tremendous, but so much of that water in the subconscious of the california. and i know environmentalist's still want you to put in reservoirs in dam rivers, but what else could he do? >> manage the system better. we have very little rain this spring but still saw flows go out to the pacific ocean because we could not crank up the pops to send it down the reservoir. it was because of the delta smelt. it is interesting that for man if we take more than 100 adults melt and the promise that they have to shut the public down. yet those there researching can kill 34,000 year. i think it's ironic. for people to use the pubs that
10:49 pm
generate water to move around the state you can only kill 100. the researchers and have there to protect them could kill 32 or 34,000 year. last summer was on thish charges research of an already killed 4,000 adult. no wonder they're going into extinction. [laughter] >> ironic and sad. thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it. ashley: coming up next, the latest of a long line of american fighting men to suffer from severe depression. leading psychologist explains leading psychologist explains the correlation coming up many of my patients still clean their dentures with toothpaste.
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♪ ashley: and now it is the quotation of the evening from
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none other than robin williams. the matter what people tell you words and ideas can change the world brought millions widow revealing that the actor was battling the early stages of parkinson's, a diagnosis he was not ready to share with the public. joining me now to discuss the psychological effects of such a disease, thank you so much for joining guinness. henry allen of notes about your comments on depression. you call it as painful as cancer , as stealthy, every bit as stealthy as cancer, and ironically this was a ho made everyone laugh. hit we have a hard time associating depression. >> you know, we do. yet that ability to tax and phrases and to move people toward laughter is a great asset, an incredible gift.
10:54 pm
it can also be a bit of a liability. it can take you further down the path. you were suffering, but you are able to convey a lightness of being. that may have been part of the problem. ashley: people who are generally creative, are there more susceptible to depression? >> you know, that is a theory, and it makes sense. i have treated a lot of folks what i like to say, hindemith and the shop. it anything complex takes a lot of care pavilion when you want to necessarily be a camry, but not necessarily. he may need help. ashley: he say i know that every single case is a puzzle that can
10:55 pm
potentially be solved. everyone, no exception. with that said, what are the warning signs? >> if you are a changed person or if people you love seem quite different, and energy, lack of self-esteem, changes in sleep and appetite and a sense of hopelessness, the things will not improve. one of the things about major depression is it steals your rational ability. he think it's never going to end and its gargantuan. if you know someone like that or if you're feeling that, it is a misinterpretation. ashley: we just found out today that he had been diagnosed with the early stages of parkinson's. how much of that could have played into his ultimate decision? >> number one psychologically,
10:56 pm
if you are already on the road this because you feel like you have this chronic or episodic illness, couples with challenges with substance use and someone says, another fan, a physical condition plus italy that would be something he could take heart , but physiologically these things interact and not in a good way. each of them can make the other worsened. one of the things that they can steal his concentration which for an actor can be doubly challenging. and also, what is the outcome for many people? these masters like cases where you can't quite move your facial musculature. again, i don't know mr. williams. however, did he worry, what would wonder, like kraft is now under siege. even as i get out of this depression and going to have a problem, facial expressions.
10:57 pm
ashley: great advice. thank you for input. we appreciate it. that's it for us. coming up tomorrow
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. neil: forget the loser, look at ferguson, on top of the missouri town on the brink or is the media overplaying it? and allowing opportunists to seize on a very tragic shooting and take advantage of it. racial strife is not new, is this predictable response getting old? cooler heads should prevail. we're going to look at business of leading so they can. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, and have a -- from a distance you would think


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